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From Home-Builders to Electricians: Civic covers most all electrical supplies

From home-builders to electricians: Civic has you covered for electrical supplies

When you need electrical supplies fast and for less, Civic Recycling has you covered. A single breaker has stopped working? Civic has you covered. Need to replace an entire service in a commercial building? Civic definitely has you covered. Jobs big and small, simple or complex, common or obscure: Civic has you covered.

Since 1995, we’ve provided high-quality equipment to electrical contractors, wholesalers, industrial suppliers. We serve the oil, manufacturing, and agricultural industries as well as the general public. Whether you are looking for a brand new 15-amp residential circuit breaker or an obsolete 3000-amp molded case breaker, a box of teck connectors, a custom-built motor control centre, or a complete service, we’re here to help you!

Not sure where to start? Feel free to give us a call at anytime. We’re Canada’s #1 new/used circuit breaker dealer. But circuit breakers are just the beginning!

Electrical supplies: What we sell

1. Circuit breakers

From 15-Amp residential breakers to 3000-Amp mains to run an entire plant. We stock new and reconditioned units from nearly every brand under the sun.

Need a European or Asian breaker? We have those, too! Even better, we ship anywhere in Canada, fast, from our massive warehouse in Calgary.

2. Transformers

You won’t find many shops selling transformers, and especially not at our prices. We stock single-phase and three-phase from 50VA to 750KVA. We’ve got distribution, auto, open type, epoxy potted, isolation type, control and current transformers, general purpose, indoor and outdoor. Odds are, we have what you’ve been searching for – reconditioned and ready to go.

3. Motor control units

We have Motor Control Centres in stock from all the major manufacturers. Need a replacement bucket, doors, operators, or handles? We’ve got you covered. What’s more, we can even build you a custom MCC, from 400 amp to 3000 amp, breakered or fused. Let us know!

4. Combination Starters

We stock combination starters from every manufacturer around the world, plus all the replacement parts you’ll need. Your manufacturer is out of business? We can help you out. Magnetic, Manual, Contactors: we have them in stock.

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Pearl certification certified form technicians PEARL Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League Pearl certified technicians

The PEARL Certification is for electrical equipment reconditioning technicians who inspect, test and recondition electrical equipment to ensure safe performance and reliability.

Civic Recycling Employs Pearl Certified Technicians

Congratulations to Rennee and Mike for their recent certifications. They are in fact Canada’s first PEARL Certified Technicians for reconditioned electrical products! We are glad to have them on our team providing quality tests on a daily basis.

In 2009 Civic Recycling became the first electrical dealer in Canada to employ Certified Breaker Technicians. In 2010 we began reconditioning, testing and providing written test results for the MCCB’s we sell, again a first in Canada. Once again Civic Recycling is blazing a trail and setting the standard in our industry by having our technicians PEARL Certified.

PEARL Standards are important

We test our equipment based on the PEARL standards and follow strict quality control guidelines. We are so confident in the professionally reconditioned equipment we sell, that we provide a one year warranty on every electrical product we sell.

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floods calgary cleanup help civic community water damage fix components Electrical Equipment

We know that water and electrical equipment don’t mix well. But what happens when circumstances beyond our control get in the way of a functioning electricity grid?

Civic Recycling was on the front lines of the 2013 flood in Calgary. We helped a countless number of businesses get back online after the water ruined electrical equipment such as breakers, motors, transformers and fuses. We are proud to be there for Canadians in the tough times and at all times of the year.

Floods and Electrical Equipment

So what do you do if you find yourself in a flood situation? Wether its a sewer backup, huge rainfall in your area or a more widespread catastrophe like in 2013…you should know how to stay safe when returning to your home. Read how to Minimize Electrical Hazards Before and After a Flood.

“Moisture, debris and contaminants in flood-damaged equipment or appliances can sometimes be hidden and cause serious risks.”

For more safety tips read more from Municipal Affairs Alberta: Electrical Tips for Returning to Your Home or Business After a Flood

“The inspection of your electric service begins at the service entrance and proceeds through the meter base, main switch panelboards and branch circuit breakers. This basic equipment must be safe before reconnecting the power. Electric circuit breakers, GFCIs, and fuses that have been submerged must also be replaced. Water and silt inside the devices can prevent them from performing properly as safety devices and can cause electrical shorts or mechanical malfunctions.”

The British Columbia Safety Authority also released a great PDF on post flood protocol: Emergency Flood Protocol for Re-Energizing Electrical and Gas Equipment

“For customer services, the breakers only need replacement if the rest of the panel has been cleaned, dried, connections redone, and has been meggared clear to ground. Note that wetted molded-case circuit breakers cannot be reused.”

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