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Civic Recycling Online Shop: Order From Our Featured Product List

civic recycling circuit breakers online shopping NA3P breaker list NA3P15 NA3P20 NA3P30 NA3P40 NA3P50 NA3P60 NA3P70 NA3P100 shopping

Here at Civic Recycling, we take pride in our electrical products. From distribution panels, breakers and all types of electrical parts, nuts, and bolts. With new and reconditioned breakers on hand, we aim to have what you need when you need it. Browse the following featured product list for a look into what our extensive online shop offers.

Our online shop offers shipping all across Canada and we backup all of our work for 1 year.

What are our shipping options on the store? We will ship to you for the following prices:

  • Anywhere in Canada 2-5 days: $39.00
  •  Next-Day in Calgary: $19.00
  •  Local Pickup at our Calgary Warehouse (free).

So what kind of products are listed in the store? We have a ton of parts that can also be searched by manufacturer, category, and by poles/voltage/amperage. Here we want to feature some of the popular products that we have in stock right now.

Click to view the NA circuit breaker series from 15 amps all the way up to 100 amps. Each breaker comes new or reconditioned, learn more below!

Click the orange link or the image to view the product in the Civic Recycling Online Shop. Happy Shopping!

NA3P15 Circuit Breaker Available Now From Civic Recycling

New & Reconditioned NA3P15 – FPE plug in 15a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P15 FPE plug 15amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 15

NA3P20 Circuit Breaker From Our Featured Product List

New & Reconditioned NA3P20 – FPE plug in 20a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P20 FPE plug 20amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 20

Shop Now For NA3P30 Circuit Breakers!

New & Reconditioned NA3P30 – FPE plug in 30a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P30 FPE plug 30amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 30

NA3P40 Circuit Breaker From Civic Recycling Available Online

New & Reconditioned NA3P40 – FPE plug in 40a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P40 FPE plug 40amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 40 amperage NA3P featured product list

Shop Online For NA3P50 Circuit Breaker From Civic Recycling

New & Reconditioned NA3P50 – FPE plug in 50a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P50 FPE plug 50amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 50 amps

NA3P60 Circuit Breaker From The Civic Recycling Online Shop

New & Reconditioned NA3P60 – FPE plug in 60a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P50 NA3P FPE plug 50amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 50 online shop featured product list

NA3P70 Circuit Breaker New & Reconditioned Prices

New & Reconditioned NA3P70 – FPE plug in 70a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P70 FPE plug 70amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada online shop 70 amps

Purchase NA3P100 Circuit Breaker Online While Stock Lasts

New & Reconditioned NA3P100 – FPE plug in 100a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P100 FPE plug amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 100 amps online shopping

Thanks for your interest in Civic Recycling, all you need to do now is add your products to your cart and purchase through our secure online shop.

online shop civic recycling checkout electrical products shopping
Checkout today with free pickup from our warehouse.
Shipping anywhere in Canada 2-5 days: $39.00
 Shipping Next-Day in Calgary: $19.00

If you have any questions please do not hesitate, contact us right away by phone or by email.

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How Breaker Testing Can Give You Instant Peace Of Mind

Civic breaker blog testing tested circuit breakers knob equipment wires

Trust Quality Breaker Testing from Civic

When you’re purchasing reconditioned circuit breakers, whether it be for personal or business purposes, it’s important to know that they’re going to work exactly as advertised. At Civic Recycling, it’s not something we merely take for granted; it’s something that we take pride in and have the utmost confidence in. What’s more, every reconditioned circuit breaker comes with a written test report, to offer peace of mind. We’ll discuss this in greater depth in the subsequent text. Now, we understand that simply saying these things won’t convince you that our products are any better than anyone else’s, which works just fine as we have ample evidence to show you.

Reconditioned and Tested Circuit Breakers

At Civic, we put each and every reconditioned circuit breaker through a rigorous testing process that includes multiple stages. The first stages are a complete cleaning of the inside and outside, followed by a 36-point visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the breaker. Once things have been properly visually inspected and cleaned comes the actual breaker testing. Molded circuit breakers consist are three main parts: the insulation, the contacts, and the trip unit. Three different tests are required to test the three different components, which are outlined as follows:

  • #1 – Insulation Resistance:

This test is done to verify the condition of the breaker’s insulating materials. Testing is performed using an insulation resistance test set at 1KV. The results of this test are included in the test report we spoke about.

  • #2 – Contact Resistance:

The second test performed is done to verify the current path in the breaker. Loose or bad connections, dirty hinge points or contacts, and burnt contacts will all show up as a high resistance reading. Testing is performed on each phase individually using a digital low resistance ohmmeter at 10amps, results are measured in milliohms and recorded, again, in the test report.

  • #3 – Over Current Trip Test:

The third test is to verify the time-current characteristics of the breaker. Testing is performed with direct injection to simulate an overload current. We have assembled over 2000 manufacturer’s trip curves, and test each phase on every molded case circuit breaker to ensure that it trips according to the manufacturer’s very own factory specifications. These results too will end up in the test report.


Civic Recycling Test Reports

If you’re not well-versed in this type of language, what we’re saying is that each and every circuit breaker we recondition and sell goes through a battery of tests to ensure it will perform at the highest levels possible. Each reconditioned breaker also has a test report attached to it. What this report includes the detailed results of each breaker. It’s something of an insurance policy when purchasing breakers, as you know that the breaker has been put through the necessary paces to perform the way it should. The test report has a unique tracking number attached to it so that it’s always there to reference for you.

As a further insurance policy on each breaker, testing is performed only by Certified Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Technicians. Not only that, but each reconditioned breaker will meet or exceed the standards set out by NEMA, NETA, IEEE, as well as the manufacturer’s own testing standards. How’s that for awesome safety!

Our Breakers Just Work!

What all of this amounts to is that the breakers we sign off on are simply going to perform to the highest of specifications set out in the industry. Our breakers will work and not break. We stand behind the work we put into them and the products that we, in turn, sell to our customers.

Should you have any further questions regarding our testing processes or what the right product for you is, don’t hesitate to contact our sales staff with any and all of your queries. We’ll get you properly outfitted with the product and services that are right for you.

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Surplus Breakers? Recycle and Make some Money

Civic recycling recycle surplus electrical equipment truck breakers logo calgary

In today’s tight economy, everyone appreciates extra cash. If you’re an electrician or own surplus electrical supplies, we at Civic Recycling may be able to help you get some spending money. If you have unused, unwanted or surplus circuit breakers and other electrical equipment, we’d be happy to purchase it from you–paying you real money for your parts.

Earn Additional Income by Recycling Electrical Equipment

Recycling electrical equipment helps you and helps the environment, we make it worth your time if you have a number of parts that you don’t want or need. Typically, we pay between 5 and 20 percent of what we’re able to sell components for. The specific price we’re able to offer you will depend on a number of factors, such as the condition of your equipment, our current stock and the demand for the items.

Whatever we’re able to offer is money in your pocket for items you had lying around. Depending on your equipment, we might be able to offer you enough to take your family out for dinner or to pay your bills. In the end it all depends on the current market and equipment demand.

Recycle All Kinds of Electrical Equipment

What can you recycle?

At Civic Recycling, we accept many different kinds of electrical equipment. We’ll look at everything from circuit breakers and transformers to transfer switches and splitters. Some other common components that we purchase include:

  • Motor controls
  • Service entrance panels
  • Fuses
  • Fittings
  • Cable connectors

Even this is only a partial list of the products we’re interested in. Visit our electrical products page for more.

Contact Civic Recycling for a No-Obligation Offer for Surplus Equipment

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to sell your electrical equipment without knowing what you’d get for them. That’s why we offer free, no-obligation offers.

To see just how much you could get for your electrical equipment, send us a list of what you have or give us a call at 1-888-502-4842. (If you’re emailing us a list, it helps us if you can include some pictures of the components.) You can also fill out this form!

We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with an offer or any questions we have. Find out tomorrow what you could get by contacting us today.

civic trcuk surplus equipment need today money now

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