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Circuit Breaker Testing Services

Of course we test the breakers we sell but we also offer testing as a service to you.

If you have a used breaker in your own inventory that you want to put into a job or if you are unsure if a breaker/customer’s breaker is safe or working properly, drop it off anytime or schedule an appointment.

We can perform an “As Found” test on most circuit breakers with 1 to 2 days notice and provide a written test report along with our recommendations based on the results.

Fluorescent Ballast Recycling

Do you have piles of unwanted fluorescent ballasts cluttering up your office, shop, garage or workspace?

If you want to rid your workspace of unwanted fluorescent ballasts and don’t want them to end up in the landfill, we can help you today.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, recycling and to provide a full range of services within the electrical industry, Civic Recycling is now accepting NON-PCB fluorescent ballasts for recycling. We can provide your business Certificates of Recycling that can be used to support LEED or any other recycling programs within your business or industry. Whether you have a contract to remove 10,000 ballasts from an office tower or you are a home owner with 10, we can recycle them and there is no charge to you.

Generally speaking, fluorescent ballasts manufactured prior to 1979 may contain PCB’s. If you are unsure if your fluorescent ballasts contain PCB’s click here and you will be directed to a Government of Canada document that will provide you with part numbers from most major manufacturers to identify fluorescent ballasts that contain PCB’s.

You are welcome to drop off a NON PCB ballast anytime during business hours for recycling. For large quantities of ballasts (100 or more) please call ahead so we are prepared to receive them. We also offer a pick-up service for ballasts provided they are secured for transport and not loose. These services are provided at a cost of $50.00 minimum/pick up within Calgary city limits. For fluorescent ballast disposal, think Civic!

Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

We provide an environmentally responsible alternative to the landfill that is both safe and cost effective.

A standard fluorescent lamp contains approximately 23mg of toxic mercury. The mercury from one standard fluorescent lamp can contaminate 20,000 litres of water.

Although many provinces, states, and countries around the world have banned used fluorescent tubes and CFL’s from landfills by classifying them as a hazardous waste, the Alberta Government has not done so yet. However, we provide an environmentally responsible fluorescent tube disposal alternative to the landfill. This ballast disposal method is both safe and cost effective.

Drop off your fluorescent lamps anytime for recycling.

Our “55 VRSU Premium Bulb Eater” is specially designed to safely and effectively remove over 98% of the mercury and phosphor dust that is contained within standard fluorescent lamps. Our bulb eater can process T12, T8, T5, 4′ and 8′ fluorescent tubes, U-tubes, and most CFL’s. The mercury and phosphor dust is collected into a 3 stage filter. Used filters are sent for proper disposal with a local hazardous waste management company.

Lamp acceptance criteria

  • We do not accept broken lamps.
  • Whenever possible, please ship used fluorescent tubes in original packaging.
  • If original packaging is not available please put them into bundles of 6-10 lamps taped tightly together using electrical tape.
  • You are welcome to drop off small quantities of lamps anytime during regular business hours
  • Please call ahead to schedule a drop-off or pick-up of quantities more than 1000 lamps
  • Contact us to schedule an appointment to pick them up at your location. (Minimum charge of $50.00 per pick up will apply within Calgary city limits, includes 15 minutes of load time.)
  • We do not accept incandescent light bulbs, high-pressure sodium, low-pressure sodium or mercury vapour lamps for disposal or recycling.

Lamp Recycling Pricing

  • 4′ Fluorescent tube recycling and CFL’s – $0.75/lamp
  • 8′ Fluorescent lamps and U-Tubes – $1.50/lamp
  • Teflon coated/food grade fluorescent lamps will be subject to a $1.50 per lamp surcharge

For more information on how you can help the environment and recycle harmful materials get in touch with Civic Electrical by phone or email Also visit our Electrical Shop for electrical wholesale breakers, both new and reconditioned. As you already know we also certify our test results for one year for all breakers including obsolete electrical equipment. We are your electrical wholesalers Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the rest of Canada! We ship our electrical supply right across the entire country. Three cheers for electrical supply Canada!