Circuit Breaker Testing

Man testing circuit breakers

Don’t take an unnecessary risk with untested circuit breakers. They can lead to failure to trip due to an over-current and potentially result in damage to your customer’s workspace or home, or liability to your company for installing untested and undocumented circuit breakers. Certified Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Technicians conduct all Civic Recycling circuit breaker tests. Our testing standards meet or exceed testing standards set out by:

We even many manufacturers’ testing standards. We are the #1 new and used circuit breaker dealer in Canada. We stand behind everything we sell, new and used, with our 1 year, 100% guarantee.

Every circuit breaker test comes with a unique tracking number that corresponds to your circuit breaker’s test report.

Breakers are first cleaned inside and out then undergo a step by step 36 point visual inspection of the exterior and interior (see below). Next, comes the actual breaker testing. Moulded case circuit breakers consist of three major components, the insulation, contacts and the trip unit. Three different pieces of equipment are required in order to fully test a breaker and determine that it is safe, reliable and trips according to the manufacturer’s own trip curve.

Civic Recycling Sample Report

This test is necessary to verify the condition of the breaker’s insulating materials. Testing is performed using an insulation resistance test set at 1KV. All results are recorded in the test report.

This test verifies the current path in the breaker. Loose or bad connections, dirty hinge points or contacts, and burnt contacts will all show up as a high resistance reading. Testing is performed on each phase individually using a digital low resistance ohmmeter at 10amps, results are measured in milliohms and recorded in the test report.

This test is to verify the time-current characteristics of the breaker. Testing is performed with direct injection to simulate an overload current. We have assembled over 2000 manufacturer’s trip curves and test each phase on every molded case circuit breaker to ensure that it trips according to the manufacturer’s very own factory specifications.