Over 35,000 circuit breakers in our new online electric parts store!

Electrician using Civic Recycling online circuit breaker store

We’re excited to announce that we’ve put our circuit breaker inventory online in our brand new store — available for your browsing and ordering needs 24/7!


Civic Recycling Online store Circuit Breakers electric parts wholesalerThere’s over 35,000 circuit breakers with lots of obsolete and out-of-stock circuit breakers. (and that’s not even all of them — that’s all we could manage in this first release of our online eCommerce store). We test, certify and guarantee all circuit breakers for 1 year from date of purchase.

We carry new circuit breakers. Our reconditioned breakers sell for a fraction of the cost of new ones, with the 1 year guarantee. What more can you ask for?

We’re a full service shop — a wholesaler electric part store. So, within our walls you’ll also find a wide selection of transformers, fuses, switches, etc…, also with the same 1 year guarantee. Right now, we’ve only got our circuit breakers for sale through our online store; we’ll keep working to get everything we have online asap! We’ll also continue to add more photos of circuit breakers, too … all in good time!

Calgary and Canada

While we’re based in Calgary, we’ve had customers from across Western Canada and a few from the East experience the wide and exotic warehouse full of circuit breakers. We’ve made the leap head first into online eCommerce and look forward to serving our customers everywhere from Vancouver to Toronto.

No matter where you are in Canada, if you need it quick, you get it quick. Calgary enjoys same or next day service; the rest of Canada is no more than 2 to 5 days shipping. Who else are you gonna call for the hard-to-find obsolete breaker?

Expanding to better serve you

The last few years have been super busy!

For starters we’ve been busy ensuring that every used or reconditioned breaker we sell meets or beats industry standards set out by such organizations as PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League), NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association), NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

We moved into our new offices with a spacious warehouse, got our inventory organized, updated our website and now added our eCommerce store to make it easier than ever to do business with us when it suits your schedule. It’s all designed to be used on your mobile phone or tablet, too.

We know you have a choice of who you buy your electric parts from and we’re working hard to earn your business — we offer a difference with a huge inventory of new, obsolete and out-of-stock circuit breakers, amazing prices, world-class reconditioning, testing & certification, and our great team is ready to help out with a smile.

Electricians with existing Civic Recycling accounts

For electricians that already have accounts with us at our head office, you’ll need to also create an online account for yourself here: https://civicrecycling.com/my-account/ We debated about “auto-creating” an online account for you based on the information we have for you on our internally, but since you had explicitly not agreed for us to do that with your information, we didn’t! (as per Canadian Anti-Spam Law CASL).

Enjoy our online electric parts store!

Thanks for all your past support and we’re looking forward to helping lots of new customers online.

If you have any problems, suggestions or need help using the online store, let us know. Call Calgary: 403-236-9600 Toll free: 1-888-502-4842 or send us an email.

We <3 Breakers!


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