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To submit a credit application fill out the form below, or click here to download our PDF application form.

Complete the form and fax or email the application to: 403-279-9090 / [email protected]


Alternatively you can complete this very handy online form:

    Credit Application Form:

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    Trade References

    To avoid delays in approving your credit application, please be sure the companies you list as trade references will provide your account history to us. Please do not use Westburn Electric Supply, Eecol Electric, Guillevin or Woseley Canada as they do not provide account history to third parties and will result in delays in approving your trade account with Civic Recycling.

    Trade References:

    Terms and Conditions:

    All invoices are net 30 days. Late payments are subject to a 2% interest penalty/month. There is a $20.00 penalty for any N.S.F. cheques. Please note that all information collected is for the sole purpose of checking credit history. We do not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose information received on credit account applications.

    Date of Application:

    I, the undersigned, provide authorization for the above-listed trade references to provide credit history information to Civic Recycling & Equipment Ltd. on my behalf. I have read and agree to comply with the noted terms and conditions of this credit account.

    Thank you for your interest in our credit application and in Civic Recycling! We look forward to doing business with you and your company. Interested in what one of our existing customers has to say about us? Jason told us the following:

    “The advice and products that Civic Recycling provide allow me to give the best possible service to my customers. I could not give them the same quality without Civic Recycling’s assistance. They allow me to provide the best product, at the best price, even if no one else can find it. Thank you Civic Recycling!”

    -Jason, Mustang Electric


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