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Civic Recycling – How Green Is The New Expert

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Being Green In the Electrical Industry

Recyclable material is a leading renewable energy resource. Initiatives taken to dismantle equipment and separate into appropriate parts not only aids in the production of low energy resources such as varying metals but also provides countless job opportunities. In Canada, research has shown that green/recycling industry accounts for 10 times more employment and revenue than the waste industry.

Recycling Programs in Alberta

Alberta has the honorable distinction of initiating Canada’s first electronics recycling program back in 2004 and Civic Recycling is proving themselves as being one of the leading companies to help the movement. Alberta alone has recycled well over 8 million pieces of electrical equipment which mean that our landfills have been saved from incredibly hazardous materials such as lead, mercury or cadmium found in circuit boards or cathode ray tubes.

Civic Recycling’s ongoing commitment to the environment, recycling and being a company to offer a full range of services within the electrical industry is clear in their 3 main strategies to properly dispose of hazardous equipment:

1. Fluorescent Ballast Recycling

Civic Recycling now accepts NON-PCB fluorescent ballasts. Your business will be provided with a Certificate of Recycling which can support various LEED programs within your industry.

2. Fluorescent Lamp Recycling

Did you know that a standard fluorescent lamp contains approximately 23mg of toxic mercury? That is enough mercury to contaminate 20,000 L of water! Civic Recycling’s on-site “55 VRSU Premium Bulb Eater” effectively removes over 98% of the mercury and phosphor dust contained in standard lamps.

3. Fluorescent Fixture Recycling

These fixtures pose many unique recycling problems which many landfills and metal recyclers do not accept because of their mix of metals and low-grade tin that makes the fixtures themselves and the ballast. Our unique approach of stripping down each component into separated smaller groups makes it easier for recyclers to process.


Civic Recycling loves being Green

For the past 20 years, Civic Recycling has been creatively seeking unique solutions for our valued customers.

Our passion and dedication in providing expert knowledge with our wide array of products from Circuit Breakers to Fuses fully translates our proficiency and environmental prowess with our recycling efforts.

Do not hesitate to contact us at anytime, talk soon and we hope you enjoyed reading!

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light fixtures ballasts recycled recyclable tube lights CR Civic Light Fixtures are Recyclable - Civic Recycling Helping Mother Nature

Civic Recycling is an ace up your sleeve when you are looking for obsolete electrical equipment, but what do you do when you’ve got electrical equipment you don’t want or need? A lot of the equipment associated with electrical components contain heavy metals and other materials that make it dangerous—and illegal in most places—to throw such equipment in the trash and send it on to the landfill. If you have unwanted electrical equipment, what are you to do? Did you know Light Fixtures are Recyclable?

Civic Recycling to the Rescue – Light Fixtures are Recyclable

Civic Recycling is not only a leader in finding rare and obsolete electrical equipment, but also in fluorescent recycling. While there are not yet laws on Alberta’s books about banning fluorescent components from ending up in landfills as hazardous waste, recycling fluorescent components is the responsible thing to do.  Civic Recycling gives your company peace of mind and benefits of the environment.

Benefits of Fluorescent Recycling

There are many good reasons why you should recycle your fluorescent components. First, it’s better for the environment; for both humans and animals that live on this planet we call Earth. By the numbers, an average fluorescent lamp houses 23 mg of mercury, which can in turn pollute 20,000 litres of water. There are also other undesirable compounds in fluorescent compounds, like phosphor dust, which should be properly disposed of.

Additionally, fluorescent recycling is also a requirement of many LEED-certified projects or operations and other recycling programs with which your company or business participates. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Civic Recycling offers Certificates of Recycling to help your company meet the necessary requirements.

Fluorescent Recycling Options

Now that you know light fixtures are recyclable. We offer an array of fluorescent recycling services and options for you to get your fluorescent equipment disposed of in a safe and cost-effective manner.

We recycle the following:

  • Fluorescent Ballasts: Civic Recycling accepts non-PCB fluorescent ballasts in any number. If they were manufactured prior to 1979, then it’s more likely your ballasts contain PCBs. You can drop ballasts off at our Calgary location for free—please call ahead if you have more than 100 ballasts to recycle. We also offer pick-up service within the city limits of Calgary for $50.00.
  • Fluorescent Lamps: We utilize the ‘Premium Bulb Monster‘ to crunch and recycle a wide array of fluorescent tubes, U-tubes, and CFLs. It removes all but 2% of the deadly mercury and phosphor dust in most fluorescent lamps and deposits it into filter that is disposed of with a local hazardous waste manager. Civic Recycling accepts non-broken lamps at our Calgary center; again, call ahead if you have more than 1,000 lamps to recycle. We can also pick up lamps for recycling in Calgary for $50.00. Costs range from $.70 to $1.50 per lamp.
  • Fluorescent Fixtures: Civic Recycling will accept complete fixtures—lamp, ballast and tin fixtures together—when others won’t. We will break the fixture down and recycle each part as needed, saving it all from the landfill. We recycle a range of troughs, lamp strips and other fixtures, charging $5.00 per fixture plus the cost to recycle the lamp. Call ahead to drop off more than 50 fixtures for fluorescent recycling, and we’ll also pick up fixtures within Calgary city limits for a mere $50.00 charge.

Click here to learn more about our recycling program. Giving mother nature a high five since 1995 ?

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