How Reconditioned Breakers Can Help You Live A Better Life

How Reconditioned Breakers Can Help You Live A Better Life

We spend a lot of time talking about the time and effort we take into reconditioning our circuit breakers, why this is important, and what separates us from other companies doing the same thing. This has been discussed at length, and rightfully so; it’s important to know what goes into a product that has been previously used and how reliable it can be. With that said, something we don’t discuss as often is some of the other tangible and intangible benefits that come along with purchasing a reconditioned product from a company like ours. Some of these things seem obvious, some less so.

We thought today, we’d take the opportunity to discuss these benefits and why they should mean something to you. Again, some of these benefits will strike you as quite obvious, but we also thought this to be a fine opportunity to explain why some of these benefits are unique to our company. Circuit breakers may seem like a simple tool, but there is a lot that goes into them and there is a lot to think about when purchasing them. So, with that in mind let’s discuss 4 major benefits to buying reconditioned breakers, and why they will only serve to help you live a better life. Here they are!

1. Electrical Breakers (and peace of mind):

Something that we take pride in, as has been discussed here before, is the amount of work and rigorous testing we put into our reconditioned breakers. What this testing process produces, aside from a reliable product, is peace of mind for the person who is purchasing the breakers. There’s an inherent skepticism that comes along with used products, often times rightfully so, but with our process being as thorough and transparent as it is, there’s no reason to doubt anything ever purchased. Peace of mind, especially in regards to electrical equipment, goes a long way and allows you to purchase great products at a reduced rate without having to doubt their veracity.

2. Used Electrical Supplies (they’re green):

Another benefit to buying reconditioned products is their effect on the environment. Reconditioning products versus manufacturing new ones is always going to have a net benefit on the environment. Not only that, but when breakers are reconditioned and tested, older pieces are often replaced by newer, state of the art ones. What this does is allow the breaker to become much more efficient. It’s a pretty simple and beneficial concept, something that is certainly worth considering.

3. Electrical Wholesale Calgary (and saving money):

Something that’s not intangible, something we can all wrap our heads around is saving money. Buying products used or reconditioned is a great way to save a few bucks whether you’re buying in bulk or in smaller quantities. To go back to what we mentioned earlier, if you can glean peace of mind from a product that is reconditioned in addition to saving money then there’s no reason not to jump on the opportunity to do so. The rigorous testing we do provides you with the necessary documentation to have complete trust in the product you’re buying, all while saving a few bucks in doing so.

4. Canadian Electrical Supply (local company):

Something else we pride ourselves on is being a Canadian company. We enjoy being a part of the local community and providing service to our fellow community members. We’ve always felt there’s a special feeling in supporting other local Canadian retailers, wholesalers, and companies and we certainly appreciate the support we have received.

We certainly respect the idea of finding the product that suits you for the best price you can find it, which are things we strive to do. As Canada’s number one circuit breaker, we take all of this very seriously and don’t include “Canada” without the understanding of the weight it carries. We hope you see this and look to support a Canadian company with people you know or should get to know.

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