From Home-Builders to Electricians: Civic covers most all electrical supplies

From Home-Builders to Electricians: Civic covers most all electrical supplies

When you need electrical supplies fast and for less, Civic Recycling has you covered. A single breaker has stopped working? Civic has you covered. Need to replace an entire service in a commercial building? Civic definitely has you covered. Jobs big and small, simple or complex, common or obscure: Civic has you covered.

Since 1995, we've provided high-quality equipment to electrical contractors, wholesalers, industrial suppliers. We serve the oil, manufacturing, and agricultural industries as well as the general public. Whether you are looking for a brand new 15-amp residential circuit breaker or an obsolete 3000-amp molded case breaker, a box of teck connectors, a custom-built motor control centre, or a complete service, we're here to help you!

Not sure where to start? Feel free to give us a call at anytime. We're Canada's #1 new/used circuit breaker dealer. But circuit breakers are just the beginning!

Electrical supplies: What we sell

1. Circuit breakers

From 15-Amp residential breakers to 3000-Amp mains to run an entire plant. We stock new and reconditioned units from nearly every brand under the sun.

Need a European or Asian breaker? We have those, too! Even better, we ship anywhere in Canada, fast, from our massive warehouse in Calgary.

2. Transformers

You won't find many shops selling transformers, and especially not at our prices. We stock single-phase and three-phase from 50VA to 750KVA. We've got distribution, auto, open type, epoxy potted, isolation type, control and current transformers, general purpose, indoor and outdoor. Odds are, we have what you've been searching for – reconditioned and ready to go.

3. Motor control units

We have Motor Control Centres in stock from all the major manufacturers. Need a replacement bucket, doors, operators, or handles? We’ve got you covered. What's more, we can even build you a custom MCC, from 400 amp to 3000 amp, breakered or fused. Let us know!

4. Combination Starters

We stock combination starters from every manufacturer around the world, plus all the replacement parts you'll need. Your manufacturer is out of business? We can help you out. Magnetic, Manual, Contactors: we have them in stock.

We even custom-build combination starters to order. Whatever your needs, we'll build to suit. Size 00? Size 6? IEC rated? Breakered? Fused? We’ve got you covered.

5. Fuses

We don't mean to brag, but we have every single fuse known to mankind. Just try and stump us.

6. Everything Else You Need

No job is too big or too small for Civic. 400 amp? 3000? We can handle it. Choose from our massive inventory of electrical supplies, or let us custom-build your perfect solution. From service entrance panels, CDP panels, and electrical panel switches to disconnects, transfer switches, and splitters: our warehouse has them all, and replacement parts for each.


How we test and refurbish

Our testing process is an insurance policy for you. We stand by our products, and if a used piece of equipment doesn't meet our standards, we won't sell it.

Each test result is documented with a unique tracking number. We test insulation resistance and contact resistance on all our breakers, and perform an over-current trip test. Furthermore, our standards meet or exceed testing standards set by Pearl, NEMA, NETA, IEEE and the manufacturers.

That's why we 100% guarantee our professionally reconditioned products. Can the other guys say that?

Civic Recycling Services

Our testing shop is here to help with your equipment, too! Got some breakers you aren't sure about? We'll test them for you.

We’ll also recycle your fluorescent ballasts, lamps, and fixtures. Our services go beyond the warehouse, so that for every aspect of your job, Civic has you covered.

We want your old equipment

We are always looking for used equipment and electrical supplies to refurbish. Got a big demolition project? Spring cleaning your shop? Looking for an alternative to the landfill for that old panel? We’d love to have a look!

In fact, when you fill out our online form or send us a quick email, we'll respond within 24 hours. If we like what we see, we'll even pay for shipping for locations outside Calgary. It's almost like we’re cleaning your shop for you!

We’ve got your back.

We have the best prices, a massive inventory, and guaranteed quality. Plus we ship anywhere in Canada, and now you can shop our online store from anywhere, 24/7.

No matter what you need, Civic has you covered.

Learn more about what we offer or contact us for information over the phone or email.