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Civic Recycling Online Shop: Order From Our Featured Product List

civic recycling circuit breakers online shopping NA3P breaker list NA3P15 NA3P20 NA3P30 NA3P40 NA3P50 NA3P60 NA3P70 NA3P100 shopping

Here at Civic Recycling, we take pride in our electrical products. From distribution panels, breakers and all types of electrical parts, nuts, and bolts. With new and reconditioned breakers on hand, we aim to have what you need when you need it. Browse the following featured product list for a look into what our extensive online shop offers.

Our online shop offers shipping all across Canada and we backup all of our work for 1 year.

What are our shipping options on the store? We will ship to you for the following prices:

  • Anywhere in Canada 2-5 days: $39.00
  •  Next-Day in Calgary: $19.00
  •  Local Pickup at our Calgary Warehouse (free).

So what kind of products are listed in the store? We have a ton of parts that can also be searched by manufacturer, category, and by poles/voltage/amperage. Here we want to feature some of the popular products that we have in stock right now.

Click to view the NA circuit breaker series from 15 amps all the way up to 100 amps. Each breaker comes new or reconditioned, learn more below!

Click the orange link or the image to view the product in the Civic Recycling Online Shop. Happy Shopping!

NA3P15 Circuit Breaker Available Now From Civic Recycling

New & Reconditioned NA3P15 – FPE plug in 15a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P15 FPE plug 15amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 15

NA3P20 Circuit Breaker From Our Featured Product List

New & Reconditioned NA3P20 – FPE plug in 20a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P20 FPE plug 20amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 20

Shop Now For NA3P30 Circuit Breakers!

New & Reconditioned NA3P30 – FPE plug in 30a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P30 FPE plug 30amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 30

NA3P40 Circuit Breaker From Civic Recycling Available Online

New & Reconditioned NA3P40 – FPE plug in 40a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P40 FPE plug 40amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 40 amperage NA3P featured product list

Shop Online For NA3P50 Circuit Breaker From Civic Recycling

New & Reconditioned NA3P50 – FPE plug in 50a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P50 FPE plug 50amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 50 amps

NA3P60 Circuit Breaker From The Civic Recycling Online Shop

New & Reconditioned NA3P60 – FPE plug in 60a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P50 NA3P FPE plug 50amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 50 online shop featured product list

NA3P70 Circuit Breaker New & Reconditioned Prices

New & Reconditioned NA3P70 – FPE plug in 70a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P70 FPE plug 70amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada online shop 70 amps

Purchase NA3P100 Circuit Breaker Online While Stock Lasts

New & Reconditioned NA3P100 – FPE plug in 100a 3p circuit breaker.
New Reconditioned NA3P100 FPE plug amp 3poles circuit breaker civic recycling electrical parts breakers canada 100 amps online shopping

Thanks for your interest in Civic Recycling, all you need to do now is add your products to your cart and purchase through our secure online shop.

online shop civic recycling checkout electrical products shopping
Checkout today with free pickup from our warehouse.
Shipping anywhere in Canada 2-5 days: $39.00
 Shipping Next-Day in Calgary: $19.00

If you have any questions please do not hesitate, contact us right away by phone or by email.

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sunset wires electrical grid clouds sky electric innovation industry infrastructure electric innovation

Canadians are beginning to look at energy differently these days, with thoughts about scarcity and dependence on expensive, imported oil giving way to more of a feeling of abundance. This is partly because of new technologies being developed that have allowed for the uncovering of once-hidden underground resources of gas and oil that, in its discovery, has had an effect on the entirety of the interdependent, interconnected Canadian energy market. Electric Innovation iss becoming ever more important.

And, while the development of new energy resources such as the reclamation of shale oil from deep underground and the collection of vital solar energy from the sun’s rays are making big strides right now in the energy sector, it’s still electricity that’s king. Electricity not only powers our homes, factories and offices, it’s also central to providing the power needed to fuel most of these other energy pursuits.

The point is, Canada’s electric utilities are being called on by customers to deliver an ever-increasing amount of power generation at reasonable prices and to operate in ways that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and socially responsive. All this is needed while relying on an electricity infrastructure close to the end of its expected life and with the cost of modernization and renewal of the electric system being in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Electric Innovation is Key

Electrical innovation is desperately needed in the industry right now to prepare for the future when our children and grandchildren will be the ones depending on our now antiquated electric system. Hydroelectric projects that were completed one hundred years ago have run their course, are at the end of a long and fruitful life expectancy, and require serious upgrading in both “hardware and software.”

Electrical innovation must also, out of necessity, deal with matters not even considered a generation or two ago. Two of the primary drivers in the current fashioning of our future electric system regard the lowering of greenhouse gases and strengthening the system against severe weather events and ongoing climate change. Other factors in the minds of those making important decisions related to the immediate needs of Canada’s electrical system deal with potential terrorist threats and also the increasing popularity in the use of electric vehicles.

The system is consistently being asked to provide more service with fewer financial resources, causing customer costs to rise along the way. Electrical innovation can no longer be accepted at the past low levels that have barely (if even) kept up with demand. However, technological advancements can only be capitalized upon when there’s funding available for refurbishment and modernization.

Our Pledge to Progress

Here at Civic Recycling, electricity is our business and most of the clients with whom we deal on a regular basis are also dependent upon the industry for their livelihoods. We see ourselves as ahead of the curve in several aspects currently being discussed by those involved in the Canadian Electricity Association’s (CEA) Vision 2050. Our efforts at recycling and reconditioning used and obsolete circuit breakers, switches, motor control and transformers do a great deal to benefit the environment.

Our service saves solid waste facilities from having to deal with more stuff coming in, and those using our reconditioned electrical equipment won’t be going out to buy new products. Thus reducing new manufacturing output, in both materials and pollution.

Another important point made by CEA in their Vision 2050 is the need to take advantage of new technologies in order to “do more with less.”  Here at Civic Recycling, we’re all about facilitating our customers’ capability to do more with less because we save them money every day. We’ll continue to aid the efforts for electric innovation!

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The Electric Labour Market in Canada (EHRC)

electrical workers hard hats youth jobs Labour market canada hired hiring Electric Labour Market

What does the Electric Labour Market look like? The following article from is a great resource on labour market information in the Canadian electrical industry.

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is looking to bring together employers, government, labour, educational institutions and other interested stakeholders to address the need for current and accurate labour market intelligence (LMI) for the Canadian electricity sector.

Electric Labour Market Intelligence in Canada




Read an excerpt from the article:

2015 Labour Market Intelligence for the Canadian Electricity Industry

The program was begun in response to industry demand for more rapid and responsive workforce planning data for use in regulatory filing and for organizational business planning, both on the demand (employers) and supply (educators) side. It also provides government stakeholders with validated data to assist in the development of policy at the municipal, provincial or federal level.

Stakeholders in Canada’s electricity industry face multiple human resources challenges as they plan for the next five to ten years. Some challenges are familiar (e.g. retirements and competition with other industries), others are new (e.g. hiring and training staff for large, renewable and refurbishment projects), and the pace of change and technological innovation continues to accelerate. Challenges vary by region, sector and occupation. Consistent, comprehensive and credible analysis is essential to draw practical insights and guide human resource management.

In order to maintain the integrity of the data published and provide accurate and timely information to our stakeholders it is critical that our LMI data – independent, industry specific, and targeted toward the human resources function – remains current.

Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) is looking to bring together employers, government, labour, educational institutions and other interested stakeholders to address the need for current and accurate labour market intelligence (LMI) for the Canadian electricity sector. The data collected for the 2015 LMI study will provide the industry with information on the most up to date issues and statistics impacting on the sector, and the subsequent implications on the skilled labour supply-demand gap.

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light fixtures ballasts recycled recyclable tube lights CR Civic Light Fixtures are Recyclable - Civic Recycling Helping Mother Nature

Civic Recycling is an ace up your sleeve when you are looking for obsolete electrical equipment, but what do you do when you’ve got electrical equipment you don’t want or need? A lot of the equipment associated with electrical components contain heavy metals and other materials that make it dangerous—and illegal in most places—to throw such equipment in the trash and send it on to the landfill. If you have unwanted electrical equipment, what are you to do? Did you know Light Fixtures are Recyclable?

Civic Recycling to the Rescue – Light Fixtures are Recyclable

Civic Recycling is not only a leader in finding rare and obsolete electrical equipment, but also in fluorescent recycling. While there are not yet laws on Alberta’s books about banning fluorescent components from ending up in landfills as hazardous waste, recycling fluorescent components is the responsible thing to do.  Civic Recycling gives your company peace of mind and benefits of the environment.

Benefits of Fluorescent Recycling

There are many good reasons why you should recycle your fluorescent components. First, it’s better for the environment; for both humans and animals that live on this planet we call Earth. By the numbers, an average fluorescent lamp houses 23 mg of mercury, which can in turn pollute 20,000 litres of water. There are also other undesirable compounds in fluorescent compounds, like phosphor dust, which should be properly disposed of.

Additionally, fluorescent recycling is also a requirement of many LEED-certified projects or operations and other recycling programs with which your company or business participates. LEED is an acronym for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Civic Recycling offers Certificates of Recycling to help your company meet the necessary requirements.

Fluorescent Recycling Options

Now that you know light fixtures are recyclable. We offer an array of fluorescent recycling services and options for you to get your fluorescent equipment disposed of in a safe and cost-effective manner.

We recycle the following:

  • Fluorescent Ballasts: Civic Recycling accepts non-PCB fluorescent ballasts in any number. If they were manufactured prior to 1979, then it’s more likely your ballasts contain PCBs. You can drop ballasts off at our Calgary location for free—please call ahead if you have more than 100 ballasts to recycle. We also offer pick-up service within the city limits of Calgary for $50.00.
  • Fluorescent Lamps: We utilize the ‘Premium Bulb Monster‘ to crunch and recycle a wide array of fluorescent tubes, U-tubes, and CFLs. It removes all but 2% of the deadly mercury and phosphor dust in most fluorescent lamps and deposits it into filter that is disposed of with a local hazardous waste manager. Civic Recycling accepts non-broken lamps at our Calgary center; again, call ahead if you have more than 1,000 lamps to recycle. We can also pick up lamps for recycling in Calgary for $50.00. Costs range from $.70 to $1.50 per lamp.
  • Fluorescent Fixtures: Civic Recycling will accept complete fixtures—lamp, ballast and tin fixtures together—when others won’t. We will break the fixture down and recycle each part as needed, saving it all from the landfill. We recycle a range of troughs, lamp strips and other fixtures, charging $5.00 per fixture plus the cost to recycle the lamp. Call ahead to drop off more than 50 fixtures for fluorescent recycling, and we’ll also pick up fixtures within Calgary city limits for a mere $50.00 charge.

Click here to learn more about our recycling program. Giving mother nature a high five since 1995 ?

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Astonishing Stock Selection from Civic Recycling

square D westinghouse Siemens Schneider electric ITE general electrical brands breakers breaker logo civic recycling one year warranty Stock Selection

As Canada’s leading expert and its largest provider of circuit breakers nationwide, Civic Recycling maintains an enormously large inventory of all types of breakers, transformersfusesmotor control units, service panels, and a wide variety of electrical supplies. Our catchphrase, “From the obsolete to the obvious!” says it all when it comes to our coverage of electrical items and systems, both new and reconditioned. We’re known across Canada for being the “go to guys” when it comes to finding old, obsolete molded case circuit breakers (MCCB). Our stock selection is excellent and we have about every size there is.

But what makes our used MCCBs unique is that every single one goes through extensive testing and reconditioning before being allowed to go back into service, a process conducted by our staff of certified breaker technicians.

Outstanding Stock Selection and Brands

We create outstanding stock a couple of different ways in our business, both of which represent an excellent opportunity for our customers to benefit. When we run into a great buying scenario for something we want to stock, we may overbuy just because we’ll have the opportunity to sell these items at significant discounts to our clients which, of course, they appreciate.

Since we purchase a good number of used items that we test, recondition and then resell, we may also find companies out there that have accumulated outstanding stock of either new or used electrical items that they want Civic Recycling to buy from them. Often they may have large amounts of electrical equipment in their operations that are either no longer being used or that have broken down and been pulled out of service.

For business owners in this outstanding stock position (having items sitting around taking up space to no advantage whatsoever) – we offer the opportunity to relieve them of the equipment. So rather than sending it to the landfill or junkyard, we can help you earn some money by recycling with us and High Fiving the environment at the same time.


Saving You Time and Money

Our breaker selection covers the entire range from the smallest residential MCCBs to large mains systems for commercial and industrial use. We carry all the popular brands, some that aren’t so popular and others that are nearly impossible to locate because of their rarity. We even stock some unique items typically used in Asia or Europe.

Our most recognizable brands include:

  • Westinghouse
  • General Electric
  • Federal Pioneer
  • Schneider
  • Homeline
  • Seimens/ITE
  • Eaton
  • Cutler-Hammer
  • Crouse-Hinds
  • CEB
  • Sylvania
  • Commander


Scroll down on the Electrical Products page to find out more about our brands. Click the “plus” icon to the right for more details on the brand names listed above. For Example Schneider lists as follows:

Schneider Square D / Homeline

Stock Selection: Residential style breakers

  • All push-in, bolt-on and mid mount 1 pole, 2 pole and 3 pole ground fault and arc fault

Moulded case breakers

  • 100 amp frame – FA, FH, FC, FD, FG, FJ, FAL, FAP, FHP, FCL GJL, ML, EDB, EGB
  • 150 amp frame- HDA, HGA, HJA, HLA, HDL, HGL, HJL, HLL
  • 250 amp frame – Q2, Q2H, Q2L, QBA, QDA, QGA, QJA, QBL, QDL, QGL, QJL, KA, KH, KC, KI, KAL, KHL, KIL, KCL, JDA, JGA, JJA, JLA, JDL, JGL, JJL, JLL
  • 400 amp frame – Q4, Q4L, LA, LH, LC, LI, LAL, LHL, LCL, LIL
  • 600 amp frame – LC, LX, LE, LI, LXI, LCL, LIL
  • 800 amp frame – MA, MH, MG, MJ, MX, ME, MAL, MHL
  • 1200 amp frame – MAL, MHL, NA, NC, NX, NE, PG, PJ, PL, NT-H, NT-L
  • 2000 & up frame – PA, PAF, PCF, PH, PHF, PAL, PC, SED, SEF


warehouse civic electrical equipment shelves shelf stock selection schnieder Federal Pioneer

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Powering the Future of Canadian Electricity

CR civic recycling flag maple leaf energy electricity canadian canada Powering the Future

The Canadian Electricity Association released a fantastic report that outlines the Canadian energy strategy and the role of electricity. The report gives a series of seven recommendations and continues into infrastructure investment, diversification and powering the future of innovation in the industry.

“Electricity is the backbone of Canada’s energy system, powering our economy as well as our homes, offices and lifestyles. It is the engine of economic growth for manufacturing, mining, energy and industries across the country. A balanced Canadian energy strategy needs to emphasize the role of electricity.”

Powering the Future of Canadian Electricity

“Electricity is essential to our lives at home and at work, and to our prosperity as a nation. Canada’s sophisticated and reliable electricity system has attracted investment and given Canadian industries a competitive advantage by delivering clean and affordable electricity. It is also a sector that supports 108,000 jobs in communities across the country. Electricity is an enabler for every other sector in the economy and an essential input for growth in energy, manufacturing, mining and emerging clean technology sectors”

For the full report click here:



In our past blog post we talked about the 6 part commitment to renew Canada’s electricity system called Vision 2050. The Future of Canada’s Electricity System is important to the Canadian economy as well as Civic Recycling. We have been Powering the Future since 1995.

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Breaker Testing? Our Standards Have Your Back

neema neta pearl electrical certifications electrician blog Breaker Testing

With a 20+-year reputation as Canada’s number one circuit breaker specialists, Civic Recycling employs the most stringent breaker testing program in the business to ensure that every used or reconditioned breaker we sell meets or beats industry standards set out by such organizations as:

  • PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League)
  • NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association)
  • NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

All breaker testing we perform is done by certified circuit breaker technicians and, for your absolute quality assurance, every electrical item we sell – new, used or reconditioned, is backed up by our industry-leading, 100%, one-year guarantee.


Out With the Old, In With the New

With electrical equipment technologies changing rapidly, just like most things these days, updated models of breakers, panels and panel switches, transformers and motor control units are coming out all the time. While we maintain a huge inventory of these new items in stock, what sets us apart is our wide selection of older, obsolete equipment not readily available in the marketplace.

Older circuit breaker brand units from manufacturers such as CEB, Taylor, Commander, Sylvania and Bulldog that may be an integral part of your operation may require replacement or reconditioning. Not only is this equipment nearly impossible to find elsewhere, but even if located may not operate properly or be safe to use. This is where Civic Recycling comes in.


Certified Breaker Testing

Circuit breaker testing is an involved process and, when done properly and accompanied by a written test results report, is the only way to determine if the breaker is safe to use and capable of doing the job for you or your customer. Once tested, each breaker is assigned its own unique tracking number corresponding to the test results documentation. If you’re an electrician providing reconditioned breakers to your customers, especially out-of-date, obsolete units, they assume a big liability by not insisting that a certified technician has tested and approved the equipment and that it comes with written test results.

In addition to testing the circuit breakers we ourselves sell, we also provide a testing service for companies having a need to get equipment tested to verify its proper operation. Testing on used or reconditioned MCCBs (Molded Case Circuit Breakers) incorporates the following:

  • Starting with a thorough cleaning both inside and out, all breakers then undergo a complete, 36-point sight-inspection, as detailed here.
  • Testing takes place on a breaker’s three major components: the insulation, the contacts and the trip mechanism. Three separate machines are needed to complete this process.
  • The insulation resistance test verifies the condition of the breaker’s insulating materials.
  • The contact resistance test verifies that presence of any bad connections, dirty or burnt contacts or dirty hinge points. Each phase is tested separately.
  • The over current trip-test verifies the breaker’s reaction to a simulated overload by measuring the time it takes to trip. Each phase is tested separately. We have acquired the trip curves for more than 2000 breaker manufacturers and test each brand of breaker against the specifications provided by its maker.

With Canada’s largest stock of circuit breakers – new, used, reconditioned and obsolete, and decades of front-line experience, Civic Recycling is proud to be of service to our many customers, saving them time, money and the headaches of locating difficult to find electrical items. Whether you need a simple 15-amp breaker for residential use or a large, 3000-amp mains used for running your entire operation, we can provide what you need and at a cost you’ll appreciate.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know what you need!

The Top Electric Brands You Need

testing breaker equipment wires electrical Top Electric Brands

If you work as an electrician or in the electrical industry, then you know that certain electrical products can make it harder to do your work. The development of electrical equipment moves quickly with new, updated models coming out all the time. Then, old equipment and past brands become obsolete and are hard to find, repair or replace.

That leaves you in a bad spot when a client needs a specific brand or piece of equipment. You are the expert, the electrician who comes in to fix the problem, the specialist who can find, fix or replace any part, right? What do you do when you can’t find the brand or part that you need? You call in Civic Recycling, the Circuit Breaker Specialist!

Breakers, Panels, Transformers…

Civic Recycling has the electrical parts, brands and experience that you need to save the day. As the leading circuit breaker specialist in Canada, we have been supplying new and reconditioned circuit breakers and equipment since 1995. If you are an electrical contractor, in the manufacturing, oil and gas or agriculture industry, then we have the obsolete parts and brands you’re looking for.

When we say “obsolete,” we mean it.  At Civic Recycling, we earn the title of Canada’s Circuit Breaker Specialist by carrying obsolete circuit breaker brands such as Bulldog, CEB, Commander, Sylvania and Taylor.

As proof of our commitment to quality, we also offer a One Year 100% Warranty on the electrical products we sell.

In addition to our extensive inventory of obsolete and hard to find circuit breakers, we also carry a massive inventory of brand new circuit breakers, panels, panel switches, motor control, transformers and offer breaker testing services, fluorescent recycling and electrical surplus purchasing.

Get What You Need

You have many options for searching our inventory for the perfect part or piece of equipment. We ship anywhere in Canada for your convenience. We welcome your visit to our Calgary store locations at Bay #122, 11051 –  50 Street Southeast, Calgary Alberta Canada T2C 3E5. Contact us or fill out our handy order form here. Our goal is to supply the equipment you need in a timely fashion with outstanding customer service.

One Small Step for Civic Recycling

Scott Wearmouth Civic Recycling warehouse new website One Small Step for Civic Recycling

Small Step for Civic Recycling Online

Our new website? One small step for Civic Recycling – one giant giant step for our customers! Since 1995, Civic Recycling has developed an excellent reputation as a supplier of new, used and reconditioned electrical equipment, and we continue to grow and expand. Our 7,500 square foot warehouse is overflowing with the best deals on electric parts in Canada, and … drum roll please … we’re excited to launch our new website! Have a look around; let us know what you think.

Our new site is a big milestone and really reflects our journey over the last several years. Our roots remain in ensuring our customers are 100% satisfed with uncompromising product quality, delivery and the largest selection of breakers anywhere in Canada.
Thanks for being our customer.
Scott Wearmouth
General Manager
Civic Recycling

June is National Electricity Month (Updated)

June is National Electricity Month Canada Civic Recyling Canadian Electricity Association

As the national voice of the electricity industry in Canada, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) has designated June as National Electricity Month for the second consecutive year. In communities all across the country, CEA member utilities will be opening the doors of their facilities to the public, offering tours and answering questions about how the electricity system works.

Some of the electric utilities that have activities planned for National Electricity Month include:
• AltaLink
• BC Hydro and Power Authority
• Capital Power Corporation
• ENMAX Corporation
• FortisAlberta Inc.
• Manitoba Hydro
• Nalcor Energy
• New Brunswick Power Holding Company
• Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
• Horizon Utilities Corporation
• Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.
• Saint John Energy
• SaskPower
• Yukon Energy Corporation

June is National Electricity Month

For more on National Electricity month and a quick video visit this link:

By allowing consumers to see how the system works first-hand, CEA hopes to foster a national conversation on the value of electricity, stimulating and informing the discussion about the choices that need to be made today if Canada is to maintain a reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity grid.


Want to learn more about participating utilities?



Looking to discover more about electricity across Canada? Utilize the information from Power For the Future and their “Virtual Open House” Feature page:



Tomorrow’s economy will be built on a solid foundation of clean, sustainable growth. Growth that will drive new technologies; increase productivity; and create jobs for Canadians. Growth that will be powered by safe, reliable, sustainable Canadian Electricity.

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