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Over 35,000 circuit breakers in our new online electric parts store!

Electrician using Civic Recycling online circuit breaker store

We’re excited to announce that we’ve put our circuit breaker inventory online in our brand new store — available for your browsing and ordering needs 24/7!

Civic Recycling Online store Circuit Breakers electric parts wholesalerThere’s over 35,000 circuit breakers with lots of obsolete and out-of-stock circuit breakers. (and that’s not even all of them — that’s all we could manage in this first release of our online eCommerce store). We test, certify and guarantee all circuit breakers for 1 year from date of purchase.

We carry new circuit breakers. Our reconditioned breakers sell for a fraction of the cost of new ones, with the 1 year guarantee. What more can you ask for?

We’re a full service shop — a wholesaler electric part store. So, within our walls you’ll also find a wide selection of transformers, fuses, switches, etc…, also with the same 1 year guarantee. Right now, we’ve only got our circuit breakers for sale through our online store; we’ll keep working to get everything we have online asap! We’ll also continue to add more photos of circuit breakers, too … all in good time! Continue reading…

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June is National Electricity Month (Updated)

June is National Electricity Month Canada Civic Recyling Canadian Electricity Association

As the national voice of the electricity industry in Canada, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) has designated June as National Electricity Month for the second consecutive year. In communities all across the country, CEA member utilities will be opening the doors of their facilities to the public, offering tours and answering questions about how the electricity system works.

Some of the electric utilities that have activities planned for National Electricity Month include:
• AltaLink
• BC Hydro and Power Authority
• Capital Power Corporation
• ENMAX Corporation
• FortisAlberta Inc.
• Manitoba Hydro
• Nalcor Energy
• New Brunswick Power Holding Company
• Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
• Horizon Utilities Corporation
• Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc.
• Saint John Energy
• SaskPower
• Yukon Energy Corporation

June is National Electricity Month

For more on National Electricity month and a quick video visit this link:

By allowing consumers to see how the system works first-hand, CEA hopes to foster a national conversation on the value of electricity, stimulating and informing the discussion about the choices that need to be made today if Canada is to maintain a reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity grid.


Want to learn more about participating utilities?



Looking to discover more about electricity across Canada? Utilize the information from Power For the Future and their “Virtual Open House” Feature page:



Tomorrow’s economy will be built on a solid foundation of clean, sustainable growth. Growth that will drive new technologies; increase productivity; and create jobs for Canadians. Growth that will be powered by safe, reliable, sustainable Canadian Electricity.

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A New Electricity Vision for Canada

New Electricity Vision 2050 Power for the Future Civic Recyling electricity electric parts breaker

The Canadian Electrical Association has introduced “Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System” … a framework more making decisions about electricity, including the electricity system’s unique and important features, the likeliest future scenario and variables that may impact on it, as well as the important drivers of change and decisions that Canadians will need to make in the next five to 10 years. You could call it a New Electricity Vision for Canada.

This is important as Jim Burpee mentions in this video from the Trottier Institute for Sustainability in Engineering and Design, discussing Vision 2050:

Our electricity infrastructure is replaced only very slowly—the life of a nuclear plant is 40 to 60 years, a coal plant operates for 50 or more years, and there are hydroelectric plants more than 100 years old operating today. With such a slow pace of turnover, it is easy to see how a decision made today will have an impact for decades.

Full information about Vision 2050 can be found here:

Introducing Vision 2050: The Future of Canada’s Electricity System.

Vision 2050 centers on a commitment to renew Canada’s electricity system through the optimal evolution of electricity supply and demand, so as to deliver maximum value to customers and citizens, and contribute to a lower carbon economy.

Vision 2050 comes in 6 parts:

  1. Part 1 discusses the fundamental characteristics of the electricity system that ought to be taken into account in any strategic planning or visioning exercise.
  2. Part 2 discusses the most likely scenario for the mix of power generation and includes data for future energy supply and demand scenarios.
  3. Part 3 identifies the key variables that will impact the future of the system including the size, composition, management and economic variables that highlight the important choices that must be made over the next decade in Canada.
  4. Part 4 makes the case for the urgency of action.
  5. Part5 Taking into account these earlier discussions, Part 5 offers a vision for Canada’s electricity future, its objectives and proposed recommendations.
  6. Part6 Vision 2050 creates an opportunity to continue delivering the three pillars of a strong electricity system – reliability, affordability and sustainability.

New Electricity Vision

Thanks for reading our post about the New Electricity Vision in Canada. Hope you have a great day!