Breaker Testing? Our Standards Have Your Back

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With a 20+-year reputation as Canada’s number one circuit breaker specialists, Civic Recycling employs the most stringent breaker testing program in the business to ensure that every used or reconditioned breaker we sell meets or beats industry standards set out by such organizations as:

  • PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League)
  • NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association)
  • NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association)
  • IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

All breaker testing we perform is done by certified circuit breaker technicians and, for your absolute quality assurance, every electrical item we sell – new, used or reconditioned, is backed up by our industry-leading, 100%, one-year guarantee.


Out With the Old, In With the New

With electrical equipment technologies changing rapidly, just like most things these days, updated models of breakers, panels and panel switches, transformers and motor control units are coming out all the time. While we maintain a huge inventory of these new items in stock, what sets us apart is our wide selection of older, obsolete equipment not readily available in the marketplace.

Older circuit breaker brand units from manufacturers such as CEB, Taylor, Commander, Sylvania and Bulldog that may be an integral part of your operation may require replacement or reconditioning. Not only is this equipment nearly impossible to find elsewhere, but even if located may not operate properly or be safe to use. This is where Civic Recycling comes in.


Certified Breaker Testing

Circuit breaker testing is an involved process and, when done properly and accompanied by a written test results report, is the only way to determine if the breaker is safe to use and capable of doing the job for you or your customer. Once tested, each breaker is assigned its own unique tracking number corresponding to the test results documentation. If you’re an electrician providing reconditioned breakers to your customers, especially out-of-date, obsolete units, they assume a big liability by not insisting that a certified technician has tested and approved the equipment and that it comes with written test results.

In addition to testing the circuit breakers we ourselves sell, we also provide a testing service for companies having a need to get equipment tested to verify its proper operation. Testing on used or reconditioned MCCBs (Molded Case Circuit Breakers) incorporates the following:

  • Starting with a thorough cleaning both inside and out, all breakers then undergo a complete, 36-point sight-inspection, as detailed here.
  • Testing takes place on a breaker’s three major components: the insulation, the contacts and the trip mechanism. Three separate machines are needed to complete this process.
  • The insulation resistance test verifies the condition of the breaker’s insulating materials.
  • The contact resistance test verifies that presence of any bad connections, dirty or burnt contacts or dirty hinge points. Each phase is tested separately.
  • The over current trip-test verifies the breaker’s reaction to a simulated overload by measuring the time it takes to trip. Each phase is tested separately. We have acquired the trip curves for more than 2000 breaker manufacturers and test each brand of breaker against the specifications provided by its maker.

With Canada’s largest stock of circuit breakers – new, used, reconditioned and obsolete, and decades of front-line experience, Civic Recycling is proud to be of service to our many customers, saving them time, money and the headaches of locating difficult to find electrical items. Whether you need a simple 15-amp breaker for residential use or a large, 3000-amp mains used for running your entire operation, we can provide what you need and at a cost you’ll appreciate.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know what you need!